Nate has worked in the outdoor television industry since 2001 and has guided since 2002.   His specialty would be targeting tough walleyes but his passion is anything that swims.  If he had one fish to target, it changes with the seasons.



Nate Berg’s journey into the outdoor industry started at a very early age in his home town of Blair, WI. At the age of two, his parents, John and Kathy Berg put a fishing rod in his hands and he never looked back.



Along with guiding Nate is the current Producer/Editor of Jason Mitchel Outdoors television show.  

Daily Pricing From

Ice Fishing from $300 full day

What to Bring

I suggest to bring sunglasses and by all means check the weather before you come. It is always cooler on the water so keep that in mind. During the summer, make sure you bring a rain suit even if it is not projected to rain. Wet conditions can occur if we get caught in some wind.


In the winter, dress for it! We attack fish, not sit in a house and wait. Of course, if you wish to fish out of a house we sure can.

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Nate Berg Fishing Guides

Brainerd, Minnesota

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